Activity Descriptions

Here’s a sampling of events for the Science Everywhere. Check back soon for more events to be added!

Bats and Mice in Your Backyard    
Bats and mice aren’t just for Halloween! Did you know bats eat mosquitoes? Explore bat and mouse pellet and learn about how important these bats are to all of us everyday.

Dead Men Do Tell Tales!    
Human skeletons record information about lifestyles, health and disease. Anthropologists use these traces to understand more about the human experience.

Create your own Lava Lamp    
Using household ingredients and a jar, we’ll explore density and materials and create a lava lamp of your very own to take home.

Poison Ivy Card Game    
Do you know your plants? Come play a card game with each other and learn to identify some local plants.

Let the Bones Speak to You    
Get ready for “CSI: UNCG” and help solve a mystery. Our experts will bring in a plastic human skeleton and a variety of pathological casts, and guests will be invited to imagine what kinds of diseases or injuries those individuals might have suffered from.

How Many Planet Earths Do I Need?    
A computer questionnaire by Global Footprint Network will calculate your ecological footprint.

Human Movement Science — The VEAR Lab    
SimCity meets physical therapy. Learn how an avatar can help a patient complete physical therapy. All ages are welcome, but the information presented is best suited for middle and high school aged students.

Skull Sensation    
Can you identify which skull belongs to which animal? What can you tell about an animal from its skull? Be surprised at what a skull can tell you.

We All Live in a Watershed    
Spin the Wheel of Conservation to win a prize! Elementary and middle school students will answer questions about watersheds and conservation. Join in activities using an Enviro-scape model to see how a real watershed works.

Chemistry in the Air    
Learn what is in the air around us. The different activities will include simple demonstrations with CO2, N2, O2, He and more.

How Old is That Tree?    
Have you ever wondered how old a tree is? We do! We will show you what tree ring science is and how to figure out how old trees really are!

What Grows Between Your Toes?    
Let’s take a look at bacteria! We’ve collected and cultured body swabs from between toes, inside of belly buttons and more so you can look at and examine the bacteria that grow on all of us.

The Squirming Germ    
Arts and crafts meet science in this fun activity. Make a take-home microbe and learn more about flagella, cilia and microbial movement.

Homemade Water Filtration Systems    
You too can build your own water filtration system and perform water quality tests on the filtered water.

K-9 Demonstration    
Meet one of UNCG’s four-legged police officers! A UNCG K-9 dog and its handler, Sgt. Graves, will give a demonstration of how the animal has been trained to help human officers search for items, narcotics and more.

Planetarium Show    
Star gaze in the middle of the day! Join us in UNCG’s planetarium and see the stars, planets and more. The planetarium show is best suited for older children and adults of all ages.

We Make IT    
Set of activities related to use of emerging technologies such as Scratch Animation and Internet of Things. We will also promote the IT is for Girls summer program.

I, Robot: Robotics Room    
Create and program robots that move, blink and beep by simply connecting robotic cubes together and writing simple programs on tablets.

The Holodeck: Virtual Reality    
Step into a virtual world and immerse yourself with futuristic technology. Experiment with Google Cardboard, LEAP motion, green screen video production, Osmo and more!

Tesla’s Electric Slide Circuitry Room    
Visit our circuitry room to explore new tools for circuitry prototyping. See some of the amazing creations by our School of Education students and create one of your own!

The Amazing Race: Circuitry Race Room    
Can you beat the clock in this fast paced circuitry race? Which team will be able to make the connections the quickest?

Pre-Launch Operations Room    
5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Blast off! Build and launch your own parachute and paper rocket!

The DaVinci Room: Art and science    
Create a new masterpiece with the junk someone else threw away! Marble paper using the same materials that most people use to shave their face.

Rigamajig Engineering    
With the Rigamajig engineering set, you can design a gigantic wooden house, complete with pulley system and a windmill. Or you might create a rocket ship to blast to Pluto! Your imagination is the only limitation.

The Goo-Room    
Have you ever dreamt of walking across a pool full of slimy, sticky, gooey gook or making your own version of play dough? What would it be like to stand inside of a gigantic bubble? Come on by and find out!

Science Rocks (and Rolls): Music and Science    
Let’s explore the intersection of science and music by using amazing synthesizers and other circuitry kits! Control the instruments from a rock and roll band using bananas or learn how to alter computer code to become a DJ!

Engineer and Far: Building Room    
Design an original wind flyer that can stay suspended in a stream of air for 10, 20, 30 seconds or more on our wind table made out of 10,000 drinking straws! It’ll blow your socks off!

You’ve heard about the world of Minecraft and seen how quickly kids can immerse themselves in this cube-centric world. Come and play with Minecraft and become a virtual archaeologist!
Location: School of Education

SELF Design Studio    
You’ve heard all about how 3D printing and laser engraving will change the world we live in. Well, it’s true. Visit the SELF Design Studio for a demonstration on how this technology is changing our methods of manufacturing.

Soldering City    
Soldering is an important skill for any budding electrical engineer. Stop by Soldering City to create your own blinking badge! (Parent supervision and assistance required.)

Scattered throughout the campus are a trove of hidden treasures. How many will you find? Use your smartphone to navigate to your fortune! (Treasures contain no monetary value.)

School of Education Student Project Exhibits    
Learn about the innovative projects created by our pre-service teachers in the SELF Design Studio and our partner schools in the T4 program. Our students are creating innovative lessons, activities and inventions to use in their student teaching and counseling placements.

All Aboard!    
The NanoBus is a learning laboratory, designed to teach about science through demonstrations and experiments. Did you know you can pick up Cheerios with a magnet? How does a 3D printer print?
Lots of engaging activities by the Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering.

Discovering Dissections    
Come join us as we discover the anatomy of invertebrates. See what you can identify! What do you see?

Digest Digestion with Daphnia    
Using the compound microscope and other scientific tools, investigate the digestive system of the freshwater species Daphnia magna. Their transparent body allows for easy exploration.

Experience Herpetology! What Lives Around Us?    
Touch a herp! The Herpetology Club at NC State will have live reptiles and amphibians for you to interact with. Learn about what we do!

D.U.C.K. Lab & MDLaB (Child Developmental Research Labs)    
Take a look at the inner workings of the human brain. Test your cognitive ability and memory. Play games and see our ‘brain cap.’

Make Your Own DNA Necklace    
Discover the molecular building blocks that make you you! Participants will extract DNA from cheek cells, put them in a small test tube, and make a necklace that has their own DNA. Take it home and show others.

Frogs, Turtles and Pop-Up Jokes    
Who doesn’t love a puppet show? Kids of all ages will enjoy these interactive shows that use humor to teach about frogs, turtles and more.

Herps in Your Backyard    
Come pet a herp! We will be educating visitors about various North Carolina amphibians and reptiles.

Ooh, It’s Freezing!    
See how cooling can affect different things in different ways and see if you have the super power to crush lettuce into powder